Change Management Crisis at the Carwash

And you thought that change management only effect large companies, oh you wish my friend. Change management catastrophes can happen in any business of any size, anytime there is a change. That’s the reality of it.

Yes, most change management case studies and consultants deal with large corporations or business units within those organizations and in government agencies. But do not let that stop you from considering the chaos that can ensue at your carwash when you change the management team or ownership.

You see, carwashes have regular repeat customers, these customers are their best customers, they bring in multiple cars and they tell their friends. Many of these folks are local business folks who are also influencers.

If these customers are lost all bets are off for any Nearest car wash sort of reasonable revenue stabilization. And this scenario and these types of customers are at risk of flight any time a carwash changes hand or changes management. Even a shift manager switch or a manager leaves the carwash things can go South quick.

Why? Well, because a good manager knows his crew and he knows which are the best customers and he’ll put his best people on certain cars to guarantee their repeat business. This strategy works, but if a customer receives poor service or a bad wash a few times in a row, they may leave and not come back.

Change in management can also severely affect the flow of work and the production at a car wash, it’s a serious issue. Change management crisis is not something that only happens in America’s largest companies, it happens in little businesses too, like at the local car wash, so please consider this.

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